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Meet your project completion interface

New customizable interface put you back in control so that
you can see what’s new at a glance and decide which
report you want to read and when.

Your project

Experience Reporting on any device

The ease & simplicity of Entelekia reporting, wherever you are.



Our Oil and Gas Industry Projects suffer communication problems between sites and teams.

When there is no feedback from the field then Project Management remains blind and unable to effectively manage to achieve delivery on schedule.

Technology has been brought in-house but interfaces remain a major stumbling point.
Reporting wastes many precious hours in repetitive tasks.
Highly skilled personnel are overwhelmed by documentation both to prepare and comply with.

For projects to be successful this situation is not acceptable.

Information needs to be available any time, anywhere and must be CLEAR AND IMMEDIATE
upstream to report, and downstream to support, communication shall be smooth and easy.
adaptation is our strategy to help you REALISE YOUR POTENTIAL with a custom toolset

WE are ENTELEKIA, Field End User developer, providing you with a complete COMMISSIONING MANAGEMENT TOOLSET.


We are specialised in the Oil & Gas industry Commissioning / Completion Software :


Completion database set-up


Dashboards, responsives list


Adapted toolset, procedures


Less paper more forest


Good information, good decision


Online report, available 24/7


Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions


France : +33 6 76 93 42 13

Australia : +61 4 98 10 15 37

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